Key Considerations While Choosing a Convention Centre

Though there are many hotels in Bangalore that have large banquet halls, auditoriums, and conference rooms, organizing private events at a convention centre is still a propensity. The comprehension behind it could be the fact that convention centres offer a dedicated venue and distraction-free atmosphere for organizing all kinds of events. If you are looking

Facilities Offered by MLR Convention Centre

A convention centre considered as a preeminent venue for weddings, annual day functions, corporate events, as well as private parties and functions. In the past few years, there has been a substantial rise in the number of people who have opted for convention centres rather over traditional venues like gardens for organizing private events like

Conference Venues In Bangalore With Best In Class Service

The way we do business seems to have undergone a mountain of change in the past century. Amid changing trends, one thing remains constant, the need to find a perfect conference venue for the next event. A good conference facility should offer a comfortable and efficient space to facilitate harmonious discussions and seamless flow of

Convention Centre in Bangalore

At Brigade Hospitality, we believe that no matter how good the facilities are, it is the service that leaves a lasting impression. As for the MLR Convention Centre, it is a well-established convention centre which is a one-stop hub to host all your events – weddings, conferences and conventions in Bangalore. Designed with perfection, it